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Level 3

$ 50.00

TIME: 15-20 minutes

DAYS: 105

PAGES: 181

All of the different types of lessons found throughout Level 2 can be viewed by looking at our sample pages. We discuss each of these pages below.

PAGE 2: Nonfiction invention stories

PAGE 3: Questions about the story enhancing comprehension

PAGE 4: Identifying sounded vowels + Dividing words into syllables

PAGE 5: 1 minute timing promoting fluency

PAGE 6: Questions about the story enhancing comprehension

PAGE 7: Adding prefixes and / or suffixes to form words

PAGE 8: Determining if two words are synonyms

PAGE 9: Lengthening short sentences to form more complex ones

PAGE 10: Determining if two words are antonyms

PAGE 11: Listening for sounds and writing the corresponding syllables to form words

PAGE 12: Forming sentences using specified spelling words

PAGE 13: Rearranging of sentences to form a complete paragraph

The manual is found in the front the workbook. All of its pages are perforated and hole-punched. Simply tear it out and place it in a 3-ring binder.


You can receive a free Level K workbook from the Giveaway here on our website or at a convention we attend.


March 24: Missouri (GHC)

April 21: Ohio (GHC)

June 9: Virginia (HEAV)

July 7: Texas (GHC)