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Level 1

$ 50.00

TIME: 15-20 minutes

DAYS: 106

PAGES: 213

All of the different types of lessons found throughout Level 1 can be viewed by looking at our sample pages. We discuss each of these pages below.

PAGE 2: Letter and vowel identification + Sounds (letters and digraphs)

PAGE 3: Aa-Zz letter formation + Alphabet sequencing

PAGE 4: Listening for sounds and writing the corresponding letters to form words

PAGE 5: Using context clues to complete sentences

PAGE 6: Letter formation practice using starting dots + Integrated sight words

PAGE 8: Adding endings to base words

PAGE 9: Identifying sounded vowels + Dividing words into syllables

PAGE 132: Joining two words together to form compounds

PAGE 133: Creating long vowel words from short vowel words

The manual is found in the front the workbook. All of its pages are perforated and hole-punched. Simply tear it out and place it in a 3-ring binder.

Level 1 is the first workbook to include multisyllabic words. In order to simplify these words, Sylladot uses hyphens and dots.

HYPHENS: Our hyphens simplify multisyllabic words by breaking them into syllables. Students can focus on just a few letters at a time instead of the whole word. These words no longer look scary. Over time, students will learn how to chunk words into syllables by learning and recognizing these patterns. This same concept can be seen with phone numbers.

DOTS: We add dots above the sounded vowels. Vowels can be tricky for students. Some vowels are long while others are short. Some are silent. Sometimes multiple vowels make one sound. Our dots help by pointing out the vowel sounds that you hear. Students no longer have to guess.

Syllables + Dots = Sylladot


You can receive a free Level K workbook from the Giveaway here on our website or at a convention we attend.


March 24: Missouri (GHC)

April 21: Ohio (GHC)

June 9: Virginia (HEAV)

July 7: Texas (GHC)